Are You Content with Weaknesses?

It’s not often that i read something that, read from a non-christian point of view, is so non-sensical and yet makes so much sense to us as christians.

“Here’s what I mean. Our fallen nature craves self-glory. We seek the admiration of others. We love the myth of the superhero because we want to be one. So we want our successes to be known and our failures hidden. And since people who achieve remarkable things earn the favor of others, we are tempted to believe that they earn the favor of God as well.

That’s the last thing Paul wants us to believe.

Paul knew better than most that it is not human achievements that showcase the grace of God. It is human helplessness.”

This is really worth a read, coz it’s a good reminder of how God’s grace is sufficient for us no matter the amount of suffering.  And that it’s really all for God’s glory.  Everything, so it’s not about us it’s about God, nuff said.

And it’s also true, non-believers will just not get it.