the Top idea in your mind

I used to have incredibly insightful thoughts while washing the dishes after dinner every night.  Thoughts about sins, Christ, grace and eternal life.  Those were good times.

This article doesn’t shed any new light into how these thoughts come about, but it does remind me of what it was like when I was thinking about the goodness of the Lord to me.

Everyone who’s worked on difficult problems is probably familiar with the phenomenon of working hard to figure something out, failing, and then suddenly seeing the answer a bit later while doing something else. There’s a kind of thinking you do without trying to. I’m increasingly convinced this type of thinking is not merely helpful in solving hard problems, but necessary. The tricky part is, you can only control it indirectly.

It’s also applicable to my work.  Sometimes i dream about handicapped access or parking lot provisions.  other times it’s more exciting when i dream up a new detail.  The human psyche is absolutely amazing.