Random moments of sadness

Sometimes when I’m lost in thought or occupied with a task it’s surprising that a random memory or thought about My grandfather will enter my mind and remind me of the times I spent with him.

Little snippets of words that he used to say also echo long in my heart.

And suddenly I feel blue and start to miss him dearly.

If I’m feeling this way and I’m already two levels down the family tree from him I can’t imagine what my mother, my uncles and aunts or even my grandmother must be feeling.

Peace. Peace from God that passes all human understanding. Please come upon my family now.



One thought on “Random moments of sadness

  1. amen.

    totally know what you’re talking about, to me a particular bottle of red wine reminds me of my grandfather because it’s the last thing i gave him just shortly before his passing.

    though when moments like that happens i remind myself that i too will pass from this world and i will meet him again one day, that comforts me somewhat.. but also motivates me to get people around me to know Christ. Especially those i care about :)

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