Parenthood: All Joy and no Fun?

Just read a really long article about the modern perception of parenthood, that it’s not going to make you happier but it is rewarding.

I guess that’s one reason why a lot of people don’t want to become parents.  It’s definitely not something you go into lightly and it’s definitely not easy.  I mean, you’re dealing with the development and well-being of a little life here!

But it’s close to my heart and close to my wife’s heart as well as we are about to embark on this trying but rewarding chapter of our lives.  No doubt it will bring us to tears at points but we are looking foward to it.

Thankfully we have a great helper on our side:  God.

Knowing that He’s the almighty loving provider who’s there by our side 24/7 is hugely encouraging and comforting.  I know He’s not there to change diapers, but it’s great knowing He’ll be sustaining us by His grace and giving us lots of wisdom to bring up our first born and hopefully others too!

Scary.  But we’re looking forward to it.


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