Sesame Street

Found a tumblr blog (or is it tumblelog?) dedicated to clips from sesame street.

ah, the sweet memories…

I remember watching sesame street almost daily when i was a small kid.  I can’t imagine where i’d be without the wacky antics of Ernie and Bert, Kermit, Cookie Monster, the Count, Telly, Big Bird or Oscar the grouch. (Grover?)

Probably a lot more boring and hardly as geeky.

But i find i’ve gotten really out of touch with Sesame street in recent years.  I don’t think it’s gotten worse, i know they’re trying hard to stay relevant to what kids respond to nowadays, but i do miss the classic ‘old skool’ clips from the 1970-80s that I grew up on.

I’m thinking of getting the Old School DVDs so that my son can grow up watching them.  I’ll have no problems sitting with him watching them for a whole afternoon. :)


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