Condos Of The Living Dead

I’m tired of faddish architecture.

40 Mercer has big red and blue strips on its windows that I thought were protective shrink-wrap.

“That’s coming off, right?”

“They are a design feature of the artistic conception,” she says without moving her lips, like she’s talking dirty to a tramp. “On different floors, they’re either red or blue.”

“But if I buy one of these apartments I can take them out, right? I don’t have to have a red window in my living room.”

“Well, sir, for the conceptual integrity of the building, you’re not allowed to remove them. You could, though, cover it up.”

“Hold on, I can spend a few million and then black out one of my own windows because some architect thinks primary stripes look cool from the street?”

“It is a unique feature of the building.”

Read more here.



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