Why I love Peanuts

no, not the edible kind but the kind that fill your heart with warmth and humour and let you see the lighter side of being the one who’s left out, awkward or socially inept.

Brilliant little article from the Guardian about my very favourite newspaper comic strip ever, Peanuts.

From the very beginning, Peanuts had an elegiac quality. It made Americans pine for an earlier, more innocent time that had never actually existed. In this sense, Peanuts occupied a place in the American consciousness that was a bit like that occupied by Sir Walter Scott’s novels in Victorian times, evoking a time and place where life was simpler and easier to understand, and therefore entirely illusory. Though Schulz would sometimes make satirical allusions to events of the day, the adult world never really intruded. Physically, he did not allow adults to enter the strip. Nor did he allow senseless cruelty. Pratfalls, yes, but not cruelty. The world of Peanuts was hermetically sealed, in the way that children at play have always wanted their cosmos hermetically sealed.

Read more here.


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