Much ado about Muffin

I love muffins… so do lots of other people.

they’re incredibly easy to make and I used to make them for breakfast.  one batch of 12 would last me about a week when i’d grab two every morning to stuff myself on the way to uni.

Now i hardly bake but I do enjoy it a lot whenever my wife makes up a batch.

I just find them so cute.  They’re small, fit in a hand, come in a little paper cup/scalloped cups/etc and are easy to consume.  Blueberries were definitely God’s gift to muffin-makers and the combination of blueberry and muffin is priceless.

Even the name muffin is funny and silly sounding and gives you a happy feeling compared to say bread-roll which is serious.  you’d almost wish that someone would come up with a series of short animations about muffins.

This article below has a lot of good tips for making them along with a few recipes of savoury muffins.

They can be tasty, light and flavoursome, and, better yet, they’re incredibly easy to make. Personally, I’m particularly partial to a savoury muffin. You can whip up a batch in half an hour and have a perfect homemade offering to tuck into lunchboxes and picnic baskets, to enjoy as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack, or to serve with soup as a quirky alternative to a bread roll.

(via The Guardian)


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