How not to fight a cold

There’s a disturbing tendency for science to say one thing about something (e.g. butter is bad for you) to suddenly do an 180 degree turn and say that actually that’s wrong (yeah, butter might actually be better for you than margarine) and the way things were was actually alright to begin with, we had insufficient data before but now with more research and improved methods of testing now we’re definitely sure we got it right. sorry.

Actually they never say sorry.

I’ve just read this article on how to treat the common cold and how our preconceived notions of how to treat them may also be wrong:

Most of us come down with at least a couple of colds a year; children get up to a dozen. But we all know people who seem never to catch one. What’s their secret? Do they have extraordinarily robust immune systems, and the rest of us, pathetically weak ones? You might think this was key, given the number of nutritional supplements, cold remedies and fortified cereals on the market that purport to augment the immune system — often with the help of vitamins, zinc or ginseng — and by so doing stave off colds.

But science and experience don’t back this up. On the contrary, if you’re keen on tamping down your own cold, “boosting” your immunity may be the last thing you want to do.

Have a read, see what you think and make up your own mind about it, thank you very much

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