sharing what I read

I’ve been experimenting with new ways of posting up blog entries and recently I’ve started a blog on Tumblr.

I guess you could say i’m curious.  The tumblr app on my phone is a LOT easier to use that the wordpress one and provides a lot more functionality.

for starters I enjoy using it to post up links.  It’s a lot easier and, might i add, quicker to upload links of articles that I’ve been reading and I find that relieves a lot of the friction of doing so.  My pile of ‘to blog’ items has been accumulating because, but lately i’ve been on top of it! (huzzah)

It’s not easy to blog on the go and lately (with the arrival of my son) it’s been trickier to get time to do so at home.  I’m not complaining.  I really enjoy spending time with HY and Ethan so I’m thinking of how to do what I want to do on the go and not be confined to having to use my home computer to do so.

I’m not abandoning WordPress, more i’ll use this to post up my personal thoughts and reflections whereas tumblr will contain my repository of articles that i read online.  So far it’s been quite fun!

Some initial thoughts though, I find tumblr to be quite insulated.  You can post things on tumblr but you have to have a tumblr account in order to post replies or reblog items that are of interest.

Also I tend to neglect my wordpress site as a result which isn’t great for my writing.  I love to write and always will, just that writing has taken a bit of a back-place in my time now compared to my reading.

We’ll see how this experiment pans out and I’ll definitely be reflecting on this decision again soon!


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