Quitting Facebook… finally.

It’s been real fun, but not really.

I don’t really need another social network to continually check and make myself feel obliged to make comments about others.  Basically I just don’t have the time or energy to keep up with it.

facebook has failed to achieve anything in the way of making me feel closer to my friends and loved ones.  Instead it has become a bloated money spinner.

so i’m terminating my facebook account, packing my bags and moving on.

To those who i’m close to, i will continue to speak to you via more conventional means: email, sms, phonecalls in person.

for those who I was never close to, well, I thought Facebook would make us closer but, well, I guess it didn’t in the end.  who would have guessed?  Afterall isn’t the purpose of facebook to help people to get connected?

It has achieved some good stuff, I will concede. For example I really enjoyed being able to send a direct message to my friends halfway across the globe.  Even though I could always have done so with the help of email I guess facebook just made it feel that much easier to do so with the a ‘direct message’. Afterall some of my friends spend a LOT of time on Facebook so I’m more likely to contact them this way.

It was also nice to be able to see the pictures posted by friends from their travels and that shared personal moments.  I’ve enjoyed that.  What I haven’t enjoyed was then feeling the urge to post up random pictures highlighting how ‘interesting’ and fun-filled my own life is as well.

I also haven’t appreciated having to wade through an endless stream of junk messages that I have to sift through in order to get any gems at all out of the chaos that is the News Feed. In fact most of it isn’t even news… and if it’s a feed it’s definitely the electronic equivalent of junkfood. i’m actually starting to feel sick from staring at it.

There are numerous articles online on people quitting Facebook. I couldn’t agree more with what’s written.  It’s almost an expressive sigh of relief to no longer be chained to it.

So here I go, only one last shackle left to shed and i’m free from it.

Time to live my life and enjoy some REAL friendships for a change.


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