iOS 4.3

I just updated my phone to the latest os version 4.3. Took a while on my home wireless so I used Internet tethering (apparently for the last time) to speed things up. It always amazes me that my phone has a faster download speed than my home cable network.

Took about 20 minutes to download the 600+mb update which wasn’t long. What surprised me was how the update didn’t prompt me to immediately update my phone once the download had completed. Apparently someone at Apple has figured that if you’re using Internet tethering, you’re probably needing your connection to the net for something important so the update waits till you’ve disconnected it before updating your phone. That’s just amazing! Who on earth sits down and thinks about all these little details?

Immediately following the update my phone was starting to feel a little bit slower than before. Screen changes appeared to lag just that little bit. So did opening and closing apps. Bit surprising considering all the great reviews that I’d read about how it was supposed to make my phone feel faster.

Nevermind that. After a quickly switching it off and on (*sorry that description is a bit misleading because you don’t really switch it on and off like a light bulb, its more of a press/hold on and off. ok, I’ll be quiet now*) my phone seems back to normal again. In fact it even feels a little ‘snappier’ than before.

I’m pleased overall with the update though there really isn’t a lot to report on it. It works, the update process was quick and painless, the phone seems snappier and I’m a happy camper.

In terms of features there’s not a lot to shout about. The iPad got a lot more interesting stuff than the iPhone. But it is an incremental update. The big one will be coming soon with iOS 5.0.

That one will probably give me a lot more to shout about.


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