Age of the Dragons : Moby-Dick without whales

This has got to be one of the funniest reviews of any movie I have ever seen.

Herman Melville‘s Moby-Dick is considered a landmark of western literature. It’s an inventive, allegorical meditation on obsession, revenge, religion and the limits of human control. But is it perfect? No, it is not. Nor is John Huston’s 1956 cinematic take on the story; while it may be a beautifully shot and remarkably faithful adaptation of Melville’s work, it leaves plenty of room for improvement.

So thank heavens for Age of the Dragons. It’s a fresh retelling of Moby-Dick that, if the trailer is any indication, vastly improves on both Huston’s adaptation and the original source novel itself. How does Age of the Dragons manage this impressive feat? Glad you asked. Here are 10 unequivocal reasons …

I’d watch that.



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