Why do computers fail?

Why is it that computers will always fail and never get things done smoothly?

It’s as if there’s a little imp living within the server who deliberately causes problems in network connections, printer settings and little error messages on your work station.

Its so bad that people actually come to expect problems on a regular basis and exclaim in surprise when it actually works properly, doing exactly as promises for a change.

My office currently has as many computers as employees. However at least 2 of the computers are not working as effectively as they could. This leads to serious problems as people have to waste time problem solving. The IT support guy wastes our time whenever he has to turn up and restart the network etc.

It’s terribly frustrating.

It means time spent not being able to do what we’re supposed to. And as designers its especially distracting if you’re taken out of the ‘zone’. You waste precious minutes just getting back your bearings once order is restored.

Companies need to make sure the hardware they purchase is not only constantly maintained so that it’s working at it’s best but also that it never ever breaks down.

The moment there’s any friction created by an instrument, tool, hardware or software that an essential part of the work process, there’s bound to be delays. And delays cost time and ultimately money.

Ideally your tools should be so easy, so convenient, so simple to use that they almost become invisible. They shouldn’t distract you with error warnings or long load times.

Only then can you be completely immersed in the process of doing rather than trouble-shooting.

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