It’s always a blessing to be able to spend time with my family on the weekends.

On the odd turn of events where my professional life invades my personal life it leaves me with a really wretched feeling knowing that my precious time with wife and child is being usurped by something that really doesn’t have any eternal consequence.

Time with family is precious.

Every weekend I’m away from my son is time that I will never get back again. He’s growing so fast and changing every day. Really he’ll never be this small or this dependent on me ever again. Do I really want to miss out on that?

Yes, it’s really tiring having to entertain him and often I do find myself wishing I could spend more time reading and writing. But I’m comforted and encouraged by the fact that this is only temporary. Soon he’ll be off spending time with his friends on weekends and it’ll just be the two of us again.

I enjoy my work and all but really it’s not worth missing out on all that.


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