Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters

Carl Wilkinson on how a drummer who never intended to make money from music has become one of the biggest and wealthiest rock stars:

A group of record company executives, sitting down to sketch the perfect rock star, may well come up with someone a little like Dave Grohl. He has the look—long, thick black hair; he has the talent—he plays the drums, guitar and piano, he sings and he writes his own songs; and, above all, he has both pedigree and credibility.

Foo fighters have been around for a while now (16 years according to the article) and their music has never really aged or gone away. Which is very different to the pop-crap that tends to play on the radio nowadays. Some songs I used to listen to have now aged terribly.

In comparison I still enjoy listening to ‘learn to fly’ and ‘best of you’ two songs I’ve enjoyed for ages. To me they’re timeless.


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