Supreme Humility

In another short, but brilliant article from the Desiring God blog we read about the supreme humility of Christ, or at least the humble circumstances that the Lord put His Son through:

More than that, he lived without sin in a sin-filled world. If Lot was distressed by what he witnessed in Sodom, imagine what it was like to be the pure Son of God living in a world governed by the Evil One. No wonder he was a man of sorrows.

I caught myself thinking a little while ago, of course Jesus could do what he did, firstly he already knew what was going to happen and secondly he only had three years to complete it. In other words he knew how long he had and it wasn’t that long, at least in my opinion.

But having read the above article I’ve come to think differently.

1. He knew exactly what was going to happen

Ok, this could be both a plus and negative. Knowing how things would happen means no surprises. But then again, knowing you were going to be crucified and die in such a horrible way couldn’t be comforting in the least.

2. He only had a short time to endure it

I kinda [foolishly] thought that ‘hey, anyone could endure that if it was only for 3 years, I mean some people have to go through trials that last decades!’.

But that’s just me at my most ignorant.

After all we are not witnessing the life of a mere human going through such a humbling experience of trials and temptations.

What we’re witnessing is the Almighty Son of God made to don frail human flesh, putting himself below even the angels. Having to endure the humiliation of a rigged trial and to be put to death at the hands of those he came to save.

The anguish he must have felt is immeasurable.


I can only imagine what it must have been like to go through what Jesus did in his last week on earth but one thing is sure; it was no small feat that any mere human could have accomplished.

Only an almighty God could have done it, to become the ultimate example of humility.

He who has no reason to be humble made himself humble so that we, who have no reason to boast, might have something to shout about.


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