pests vs babies

Disclaimer: This is a rather odd post that i thought of before falling asleep. Really I have no idea what it means or what triggered it (other than a lack of sleep).

Pests are annoying. No matter what they do.

Nobody considers cockroaches adorable even if you dress then in ribbons. Coloring Mosquitos in pastel tones is also hardly likely to make then more inviting to me. I loathe them.

They are pests afterall.

Babies on the otherhand are the complete opposites of pests. Everyone loves babies, or at least everyone I know loves them.

They are adorable and cute so much so that most people can’t get enough of them. They can drool on you, scream uncontrollably, damage everything in their way and yet people still love them.

The people I meet on a daily basis can also be described as either a ‘pest’ or ‘baby’.

The Pests

These are the kind of people who I really can’t stand and who’s very presence is likened to an insult.

They look wrong, sound wrong or maybe even smell weird. Their voices are grating to my ears and the words they use I find offensive. Worst still they have attitudes and outlooks to life that, quite frankly rub me the wrong way.

I would like nothing more than to terminate their very existence here on earth.

I’ve spent a lot of my life learning how to avoid people like this because, frankly, they bring out the worst in me.

Like pests, I find virtually no redeeming qualities about them whatsoever. It’s as if their role in life is to bring misery and annoyance to those around them.

And the worst part? They’re unlikely to change.

Once a pest, always a pest.

The Babies

Then there are the babies.

They’re the kind of person who everyone loves to be around because there’s something magnetic about them. They’re not popular in that they do amazing things that always attract attention they’re popular just because. No explanation necessary.

People just naturally gravitate towards them and enjoy being with them.

They smile and everyone feels glad. They cry and everyone feels that much more sorrowful. Every silly thing they do makes their friends laugh and they’re the natural centre of attention in their groups.

Even when they do ordinary stupid things, people laugh it off and forgive them.

They forgive them because they know this person won’t be like that always. They can change and there’s hope that they will.

In Conclusion?

Really now, there isn’t any other way to conclude this other than to say that it’s better to be a baby rather than a pest.

That way people not only put up with your crap, they help clear it up for you.


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