Tech Goblins – causing grief to computer users since 1991

I’m onto you… yes you, the tech goblins, the makers of mischief of all things technical and electrical.

You guys have been there since the creation of the printer where you’ve caused countless paper jams, mis feeds and other mishaps to happen.

I also know you’re the ones who cause my computer to freeze up especially when I’ve been working hard all night for my presentation the next morning. The first time you caused my computer to hang right before I saved my photoshop file (the one I had worked on all night without remembering to save, you remember that don’t you?) I shrieked in rage when I had to restart and lost all my work. But i’m a strong person, I recovered and managed to pull through uni with a good grade, even with your ceaseless meddling.

The other time you made my lose all the work I’d done for an afternoon was upping the ante a bit because my boss doesn’t believe you exist… proof that he’s getting on in age and doesn’t use the computer enough… but resulting in a huge stressful time for me as I had to race against time to redo all the work that you’d made me lose.

Then there was the time when you made all the images go a funny colour when I was presenting to a client. For some reason every other laptop since the dawn of time was able to render their images beautifully on the screen, all except mine. Even the bright red my face turned couldn’t save what was a vibrant on my monitor now rendered dull and lifeless on the projection screen.

I really don’t know how I’d be able to get rid of you guys. I mean, you seem to really dig hanging out with me and even though I’ve never seen you in person I know that you’re there.

Why can’t you go bug someone else instead?

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