good old times

I recently rediscovered my old blog which I started writing at the start of 2005. Back then I was in Singapore for my year out from studies and was doing an internship in an architect’s office for about 6 months.

That year was the one immediately after my recommitment to Christ and so a lot of the entries were pretty inspired. Also I had a wicked time learning about architecture, travelling a lot and making new friends and doing things I never thought I’d do before.

Reading through some of the entries (there aren’t a lot) it doesn’t really record much of what I did or what I went through in my day to day life. But i guess that’s what’s so special about that blog. It was really a written testimony of my growing faith in the Lord and my determination to live, and shine, as a christian in my daily life.

I can’t say that I carry the same enthusiasm and cheerful outlook today as I did then, I’m definitely older & (hopefully) wiser… but really deep down inside my convictions remain the same.

I’m just thankful that I wrote what I did then and that it is archived, albeit indefinitely, online so that it never really disappears. All my journals and logs that I ever kept have now either been stored away where I can’t find them, or chucked in the bin. It’s also difficult to find and read through old books because i’m not a very sentimental person, so things that end up cluttering up the place do tend to disappear.

Memories may fade but those things written down will remain forever.

I’m so glad that I have that little time capsule. Can it really have been 6 years already?



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