WordPress vs Tumblr part 2

The debate rages on…

A couple of months ago I posted how I was putting my time with WordPress on hold because the app (back then) just wasn’t up to scratch and instead favoring tumblr as my weapon of choice.

At the time I was impressed by how easily it was to upload links and text from the Tumblr app and the integration with Instapaper allowed me to quickly post articles I’d read. This prompted me to write:

This doesn’t signify my permanent departure from WordPress though. I’m sure the people there are working hard to make WordPress integration into 3rd party apps. It just isn’t there yet.

Though the 3rd party integration hasn’t come about (not to my knowledge) one thing that the people at WordPress have been hard at work is making sure that their app is one of the best apps for mobile blogging. And in many ways I think it now is.

They’ve finally finally included the ability to format your text with shortcut keys for bold, italic, making hyper-links and quotes. Which is pretty darn almost everything I’ve been wishing for since the app was originally released. As you can tell from my initial impressions with the WordPress app, I wasn’t impressed. At all.

This addition, which probably took quite a while to do properly (I’m trying to be understanding here), along with the fact that the app doesn’t crash every 5 seconds leaves me feeling quite satisfied with the experience overall.

The Tumblr app on the other hand has only been getting worse.

Prior to the latest release (version 2) it was easy to get around a lack of formatting keys as it supported markdown. This feature has been stripped from v2.0 and it’s made the app all the more handicapped without it.

What were you guys at tumblr thinking?!

The other thing that I’ve noticed with Tumblr is that it’s always felt amateurish for some reason. Most tumblogs that I’ve seen seem to be quick and thoughtless posts made by attention deficit individuals who don’t create much content, only reblogging what others have reblogged on and on.

This is partially a criticism on myself as well as I’ve also jumped (willingly) onto tumblr with two frequently updated blogs on what I read and architecture/design related posts. I have missed WordPress though as the very format for this blog is about writing and writing a lot. I’ve been far emptier inside from my move away from WordPress hence my eagerness to jump back onto it!

Tumblr is ideal for short posts which are quick and often meaningless. WordPress is more for thoughts and meaningful articles. Both serve their purpose but for me I’m switching back to WordPress for now.

It’s time for me to start thinking instead of just reacting.


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