Finding my Path

I’ve been playing around with the Path app a bit this week since I’ve been off from work, and for the most part I like it.

It’s certainly prettier than either the Twitter or Facebook apps and a lot more fun to play around with as well. Uploading thoughts and pictures hasn’t ever been more fun!

I’m dreading to think where this might be heading especially since I’ve pulled out of Facebook not so long ago and now Twitter has started to become a bit too bloated and their direction seems to be changing every few months. I liked Twitter initially, but it’s recently become a lot less fun as a place to share my thoughts. Furthermore it’s weird to put down personal stuff that relate to what i’m doing immediately. Twitter’s become a place for people to share interesting, often creative and humorous, thoughts in 140 characters or less. There’s recently become an unbearable pressure at the back of my mind whenever I post anything there.

“Will it be interesting?” 

“Will anyone like or take notice of what i’ve written” 

Those thoughts tend to surface and crush my littlest ambitions whenever I post anything on my various twitter accounts.

Which leads me to my other problem with Twitter.  I’ve got too many damned accounts! One for every single specific little thing that I want to blog about specifically, all in order to *blush* attract an audience.

Thankfully with Path there’s no such pressure. I feel at ease simply because of two things:

  • I only share thoughts and photos to whomever I choose to as there’s a limit to how many people you can share with. (50 initially, now 150 with the version 2 release)
  • I can actually privatise any thoughts that I don’t want others to see.

Wait… what?

Let me repeat that again. I can actually use this app so that nobody ever has to see any of the content I post up at all. Ever. And that’s actually ok because, sometimes I just want some place to put these thoughts… and if that place happens to have a really cool user interface which creates a really fun and pretty environment for me to post things, well, why not?

They’re calling it a Smart Journal and I think that’s a wonderful idea. It’s so great that it’s starting to take the place of Twitter and Day One (who’s interface I also love so much) and even that notebook that I was using to keep thoughts away while my iPhone was lost.

I might just go on trying it for another week or two and see how things work out. Others seem to like it so it’s comforting to know I’m in good company.

For my longer thoughts Day One will always be the place to go as it’s a place that’s really meant for typing and storing long and random thoughts. Path on the other hand suits the crazy thoughts that a hyperactive mind would like to keep stored somewhere that doesn’t look as bad as a shoebox. And the Path app *phew* it is WAY better than a shoebox. By a mile. Minus the pressure of anyone you don’t want looking at it other than those you choose to.




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