Doing the Write Thing

Since devoting my time to this blog and shunning all other forms of blogging, microblogging, whatever, I’ve taken a more serious approach to the things that I want to post online. The number of articles I’ve personally written has increased (not by much) but at least it’s a start.

Furthermore my mind is starting to expand beyond sharing snippets of thought and the random photo I find amusing. Those things have their time and place but they are not the me that I want to present online anymore. Perhaps I’m just starting to grow up.

What I missed out most was writing and the way the words would just flow out of my head as my thoughts were expanded on. It really is a joy to me not only to write but to do so with gusto and conviction.

Doesn’t matter so much to me if my writing is of a high quality or if anyone even reads it at all, what matters more is that it’s honest and conveys my thoughts accurately. My personal philosophy is that if I’m able to post it online for the world to see I’m proud of it and I dare say I’ve not posted anything I’ve regretted later (famous last words and whatnot).

So in the next few weeks and God willing, months, I hope to continue to write about almost any dang thing that pops into my head. Because the best way to get better at writing is by, we’ll, writing.


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