Building Upon the Past – part 2

Note: I must be really tired because I wrote something almost exact in content right here without even remembering it. Even had almost exactly the same title! Though I doubt I’ll be pressing charges, I’ve edited the title of this one to avoid confusion. I guess this is just the same thought that has been rolling around inside my head a lot recently. 

When it comes to design I believe in the process of slow refinement rather than the complete reworking of a design every single time. I believe that this way you learn better from past mistakes and are able to consolidate strengths in the design whilst eliminating weak points. Some architects, through this slow process of building upon past works, develop a *signature style* that immediately identifies their work.

The first house I design on my own, I’m going to make sure it’s simple, elegant and detailed well to achieve excellent construction and allow good maintenance, which I believe are the two practical things that any home owners wants. A bold unconventional design may be eye-catching but more often than not is impractical. Most clients just do not want to spend tons of money maintaining their houses afterwards.

The architects that I admire most tend to do things this way. Their earlier projects are rougher, more elementary, but with each new project you see the steady drive to perfect those little details. The result is like someone who paints the same painting everyday but every time he gets better with every single brush stroke.

Soon you can’t believe how far you’ve come.

That’s what I believe in.


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