On the pleasure of using a ‘dumb’ phone

As mobile phones get more and more equipped like little computers with all the wonders of the Internet attached, we’re going to see a lot more articles like this one by Michael Loop about the pleasures if using a ‘dumb’ phone:

And the endless squawking about which smartphone is better has become a lot of chatter that has absolutely no relevance to the quality of my life. Watching people howl and wail about Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 has become almost comical. You’d think they were talking about something that mattered.

Try it some time. You might find life without your smartphone is still manageable. Enjoyable, even. Take a walk. Breathe fresh air. Live life.

I’m not sooo attached to my phone that I need to consider that just yet. My wife and kids are by far the best reminder to me to put my phone aside and enjoy being disconnected for a moment.


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