Focusing on What’s Important

Adam Brault writes about how quitting Twitter has changed the way he thinks. I agree with most of what he’s written and especially this description:

I’ve realized—Twitter is outsourced schizophrenia. I have a couple hundred voices I have consensually agreed to allow residence inside my brain.

That really hits the nail on the head!

I’ve quit twitter about a year now and its been 4 months since I made the decision to devote all my online activities to this blog. To be honest I haven’t missed the constant stream of updates one bit.

In fact I enjoy being able to focus back again on the real important things in life such as my family.

If keeping in touch with a person is all that important there’s always email, a phone call or snail mail. Facebook and Twitter are good ways to keep in contact but they’re not the *best* way for everyone. I for one enjoy the quiet afforded me by keeping to this blog and hearing from friends personally.


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