My Child’s Backstory Is None of Your Business

I’m not considering adoption but I found this article really thought provoking. I’ve always wondered how adopted children really feel when they find out that they aren’t living with their birth parents.

The writer (who has adopted children) is coming from the point of view that the background story of her children is private and should not be shared because it can potentially cause harm to these children.

This little nugget was buried in there which I find highly applicable to all parents:

I think the thoughtless telling of our children’s stories stems from forgetting something that all parents are prone to forget: my child is my neighbor. Yes, I am his parent—with all the authority and responsibility that entails. Of course. But my child is not simply my possession or an extension of myself. He is a human being, made in the image of God, with a soul that will never die. And his story does not belong to me.

via My Child’s Backstory Is None of Your Business | Her.meneutics |

Worth a read.


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