I’ll get to the point eventually

Every so often I get this feeling that my blog should be something more than just a public digital locker for my thoughts.

This thought comes whenever I find myself repeatedly checking the number of views I get. Needless to say it’s an exercise in vanity. More views naturally indicates that more people have sought out the jumble of text that I’ve put together that somehow made sense. Whether they’ve been enriched by what they’ve read is anyone’s guess as I’ve yet to hear what others think about the mish-mash of thoughts I’ve put together.

I wonder, often whether I have any point to make at all. And I guess in the end I don’t seem to know quite yet. Which is exactly the problem.

Looking through the list of posts that I’ve typed up or curated over the past year turns up what appears to be a distinct lack of focus.

In reality mine is a blog that even I might not want to read often, let alone a bunch of people who want might happen upon it.

The best blogs (or at least the most well read) tend to be focused on a few topics that get written about again and again. And that’s what draws sympathetic readers and like minded folk.

Mine so far is a bit more of a journey. Except there’s not much journeying going on… If at all. Or at least there is but it hasn’t been mentioned at all very much here.

That’s probably the problem.


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