Disruptions: Even the Tech Elites Leave Gadgets Behind

Hard to believe how much smart phones have changed the ways that people live their lives nowadays. It’s a fairly common sight in tech crazy Singapore to see about 80% of the people in the train face down, eyes glued to the tiny screen in their hands. I was surprised to even see elderly people doing that too. But in small ways people are beginning to see the folly of being so addicted to their gadgets. I particularly loved this short article on how some techies are downgrading back to ‘dumbphones’ in order to be able to focus better on their work. Or implementing other practices as you’ll see:

As every aspect of our daily lives has become hyperconnected, some people on the cutting edge of tech are trying their best to push it back a few feet. Keeping their phone in their pocket. Turning off their home Wi-Fi at night or on weekends. And reading books on paper, rather than pixels.

I for one find it odd when a bunch of people go out for dinner and all of them are constantly checking their phones for messages all the time that they forget to even converse with one another. It’s a shame really.

via Disruptions: Even the Tech Elites Leave Gadgets Behind – NYTimes.com.


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