Sony reveals prototype 13.3-inch e-ink slate with stylus, aims to put it in students bags

I can’t believe that I missed such an interesting product reveal as this:

Sony’s no stranger to the odd e-ink device, but its latest prototype creation isn’t targeted at the bookworm, it’s intended to educate. The e-paper slate is quite a lot bigger than most tablets, let alone e-readers, sporting a 13.3-inch screen (1,200 x 1,600) to match the standard A4 size of normal, boring paper. That display is also an electromagnetic induction touchscreen for poking at menus and scrolling, but more importantly, it supports stylus input for scrawling notes and annotating PDFs (the only file format it currently supports). The prototype device is also only 6.8mm (0.27 inch) thick and weighs 358g (12.6 ounces) — perfect for slipping into school bags.

This looks to be the perfect complement to the iPad, a device that allows you to write on it and store notes. I’d get one in a flash!

You can watch a video of the device being used here.


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