izulu Waterproof Fieldnotes

Imagine a notebook with paper that is almost literally waterproof. No matter how wet the paper gets the writing on it will not smudge and you can even continue writing on it when it’s wet or after it’s dried without any noticeable damage to the paper?

That’s what you get with the range of izulu Waterproof Fieldnotes.

I consider myself a bit of a stationary geek and this was just too amazing not to share. A colleague showed me a sample and I was impressed. As far as I can tell the product performs exactly as advertised. On the cover there is a little note saying that the paper is made from ‘tree-free materials’. I don’t know what that means but it does feel a bit like plastic though it does write on pretty well with ball-point pen or pencil. The paper also doesn’t tear as easily as regular paper making it all the more durable.

Seriously go check out the site and the videos there. It seems too good to be true.

as a little bonus fact this appears to be a Singapore company, making it all the more interesting to me!


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