App Fatigue

Chris Bowler is getting tired of the constant upgrades to apps. He writes:

I must admit, I’ve felt a bit of what I term app fatigue in the past year. What is this? Simply the lack of desire to either a) pay for another version of an app I already own or b) go through the steps required to update this app and become accustomed to the changes.

It could be that this (slight) change of heart on my part arose because of iOS7. Since Apple made the biggest change the operating system since its inception, many developers decided to do the same. And rather than just update their apps and keep them at the current version, they have mostly embraced the opportunity to launch a new version, one that is in line with the conventions of iOS7, and charge for it.

I’m starting to feel this way too. The fact that Apple does not allow paying for upgrades to apps is a bit inane. I do want to support the developers so that they keep releasing apps but it’s a bit wearisome to keep having to update and expect changes on such a regular basis.

its also a bit selfish of me to expect to a constant stream of free upgrades but there has to be a balance struck somewhere.

I’m with Chris in that sometimes I just want my app to work and keep on working. The changes that resulted from iOS 7 are probably unique and wont happen again so soon but I wouldn’t be surprised if another 5 years from now we’ll have to change everything again.


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