How to more easily find Waldo

Cute article about how to find everyone’s favourite red and white striped individual:

Illustrator Martin Handford published the first in his beloved series of Where’s Waldo books almost 20 years ago. The books challenge readers to find the titular cartoon man, clad in his trusty red-striped shirt and red-striped hat, as he hides in a landscape of red-striped red herrings. When attempting to find Waldo you can scan the page completely from top to bottom, or you can focus your search around certain landmarks where Waldo seems likely to be hiding (in a castle’s moat, riding a blimp). Neither approach is particularly efficient. Which got me to wondering: What if there’s a better way?

I haven’t looked at my old Where’s Waldo books (back in my time ‘Where’s Wally’) in ages. Funny how some things come along and never leave affecting new generations of readers.

I always loved the fantasy lands book the most. I think it was called ‘The Fantastic Adventure’. Ah… childhood memories.


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