Merry Christmas 2013 + Happy New Year

Another year has come and gone. I never have the time to write about all the things that happen throughout the year so this is sort of a summary.

What I’m thankful for:

  1. A new job which allows me to be with my family more.
  2. My beautiful wife who’s an inspiration, support and indispensable life partner.
  3. My 2 handsome/playful/cheeky sons who constantly amaze/annoy/surpise me.
  4. Our church and fortnightly bible study who we have enjoyed being a part of and getting to know everyone.
  5. Ethan getting into the kindergarten we liked which has an outdoor field to play in.
  6. The car that we have now which helps with getting stuff done.
  7. Family and friends who are constant in this constantly changing world.

What I’d like to do more next year:

  1. Learn new things! (e.g. rollerblading, play the ukulele)
  2. Special time with my wife just me and her.
  3. Read the bible more often and pray more.
  4. Take Ethan and Linus swimming.
  5. Read more books. It’s disgusting how many books I have in my shelf that I have yet to read.
  6. Spend less time with my eyes glued to my phone and the computer screen… more time doing tactile tangible activities. Essentially, living my life.
  7. Write.



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