62% of 16-24s prefer books as physical products

Excerpt from a post by Gerard Ward on Voxburner:

There is less affection towards electronic versions of books. Whereas age is shown in the spine of each book – and commitment by the size of one’s bookshelf – digital files have no distinguishing characteristic. Most books adhere to the same fonts, as defined by the standards of ebook readers, and e-ink displays are void of any images besides the cover due to the lack of colour.

With tablets like the iPad and Kindle Fire offering HD screens, magazines and books can be given better visual treatment, though there is still a lack of character that young people have grown up with through school and books at home.

Can’t say I’m surprised. As much as I love reading on my iPad I’d still much rather own the physical than electronic version of any book I’m after.

I used to be afraid that the future of the hardcopy book was uncertain (look at the CD) but if numbers like these are to be believed there’ve still got that special something that cannot be replaced.

Read the rest of the article here


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