Todoist – my recommended todo app

Recently I traded my iPhone for an Android phone. I’ll explain my reasons why and the various challenges I faced in another post but now I want to focus on one specific aspect: Getting things done.

On my iPhone I’ve used all sorts of apps like Things, Omnifocus and The Hit List and their companion Mac apps as well but after so much experimentation the best app for me was ultimately iCloud reminders. One of the reasons was the integration of Fantastical for Mac and iOS which made it super simple to make new reminders and to check them against my calendar items, the other was that there was a web app readily available via which made adding reminders even in certain settings where I didn’t have my iPhone and Mac available easy. Coupled with the ability to set timed and location alerts made it a very effective tool for getting things done.

So when I shifted to Android I set about trying to get iCloud reminders to work with my new phone. And surprisingly there are some options that permit that but were kind of fiddly and one of the better looking ones failed continuously to give me a reliable syncing service. After one too many lost items I decided to give up on this option entirely and find another way to sync my todo list.

One of my basic requirements was that this new app should support multiple platforms (Apple, Google, Web app etc), have quick reliable syncing and generally look and feel good. A quick search online revealed a lot of services like Wunderlist (which I already use just to record down lists of things I want to remember), Any.Do and even Evernote!

Enter Todoist

But the one that really caught my attention is Todoist, a well designed to-do app which actually packs a lot of power beneath what appears to be a very minimal interface. The app is essentially free with premium features unlocked with a monthly or yearly subscription. To be honest it took me a while to get really used to plugging in my list of reminders but once I got the hang of it it’s been really really helpful in getting me organised. Now I find it quite indispensable.

As expected the syncing is fast and reliable and the app smooth and responsive. The look is just right to me balancing what is both professional and subtle so as not to be too distracting. in contrast I found Any.Dos interface to be a little distracting with too many large sized and bold headers and Wunderlist too over designed and a tad slow at syncing. The web app is excellent having all the functionality of the Android and Mac app. One thing I found helpful was that you can enter the time you want to be reminded by simply typing “today at 1330” which automatically becomes “Today @ 1330 (this is only available for the premium subscription). I’ve since added about 11 projects and I enjoy being able to unload my thoughts on my phone knowing that they’ll be available to me on my computer at home or at work.

I really enjoy using Todoist and I think you will too. All the apps mentioned above are free and the only notable premium features that I wanted was the ability to set notifications and add notes. Everything else you need to get organised and ready to get things done is available there.

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