A Startlingly Simple Theory About the Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet MH370

It’s been some 4 months now since Flight MH370 disappeared. Numerous theories abound as to what happened and the search effort has already become the most costly in history.

Amid all the wild theories I missed this article published on Wired. The article written by Chris Goodfellow, an experienced pilot with 20 years of experience, examines the information and gives a very convincing explanation for what happened to MH370 and where it might be located.

An exerpt:

There has been a lot of speculation about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Terrorism, hijacking, meteors. I cannot believe the analysis on CNN; it’s almost disturbing. I tend to look for a simpler explanation, and I find it with the 13,000-foot runway at Pulau Langkawi.

We know the story of MH370: A loaded Boeing 777 departs at midnight from Kuala Lampur, headed to Beijing. A hot night. A heavy aircraft. About an hour out, across the gulf toward Vietnam, the plane goes dark, meaning the transponder and secondary radar tracking go off. Two days later we hear reports that Malaysian military radar (which is a primary radar, meaning the plane is tracked by reflection rather than by transponder interrogation response) has tracked the plane on a southwesterly course back across the Malay Peninsula into the Strait of Malacca.

The left turn is the key here.

His original post is on his Google+ page.

I find his explanation to be clear, concise and very reasonable. There’s none of the “someone somewhere is hiding something” kind of slant to it and in fact as he puts it the facts speak for themselves. In my opinion until evidence emerges to prove otherwise this is the real reason that MH370 went down.

No, it doesn’t give me any greater confidence in air travel but at least in my mind this case is closed. Now I can put all my attention on the current downed Malaysian airline plane.


You can read the whole article on Wired here.


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