My year with Malala

She’s the most famous schoolgirl in the world. She gets Skyped by the secretary-general of the United Nations, Angelina Jolie drops in for tea, and Madonna has dedicated a song to her.

On her 16th birthday in July her photo was projected onto New York’s Brooklyn Bridge, she got a standing ovation at the UN, and Beyoncé sent her an Instagram. Her iPod was a gift from Bono, her portrait hangs in the National Portrait Gallery and she is the youngest person ever to be nominated for the Nobel peace prize.

She is also hopeless at getting up in the morning, likes listening to Justin Bieber, telling jokes and mimicking Mr Bean, and fights endlessly with her brother. Double-jointed, she enjoys making people cringe by clicking her legs as she walks, and teases her dad for travelling the world advocating girls’ rights yet never clearing the table at home.

Wonderful profile by Christina Lamb writing for the Sunday Times.

Read the whole article here


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