Clive Thompson on the Problem With Online Ads | WIRED

Clive Thompson on the Problem With Online Ads | WIRED:

At first, Maciej Ceglowski looks like any other web entrepreneur. He created a clever bookmarking service,, that lets you organize links, see who else has saved them, and even cache copies of entire web pages. With 20,000 users, it’s a tiny, scrappy competitor to Delicious, a long-established site recently spun off by Yahoo that does many of the same things.

But there’s one big difference: While Delicious has always been free, Ceglowski charges people roughly $9 to join Pinboard and $25 a year if they want to make cached copies of sites.

On the surface, this seems suicidal. Why charge money when your massive competitor is free? Ceglowski has a one-word answer: advertising.

I came across this short article (linked above) whilst researching bookmarking sites. So far the big contenders I can find are Delicious and Pinterest which are free and a surprising contender Pinboard which is a paid service.

Pinboard is a one man show and he charges a one off fee of $10 for you to access the bookmarking service. As intended he doesn’t serve up ads or sell your data to other companies.

Whilst in principle I like the idea of Pinboard I find that it’s not as useful for me as Instapaper which already serves as my go-to site for saving links and websites to read later and I want a more graphical way of viewing what I save.

Pinterest seems to be more up my alley. Might give it a shot after doing more research into it.


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