Introducing the senz° umbrella

Introducing the senz° umbrella:

The senz° umbrella

When I first saw this umbrella I got thrown by the asymmetrical shape. I figured that since their goal was to make it wind proof that the shape informed the design. In Singapore while the rain can get really heavy the rains are hardly that strong. Even so with a bit of wind you get a spray of rain in your face while walking which can be annoying.

I even got to have a look at the umbrella at the Red Dot Design Museum and to my dismay saw that even their smallest and lightest umbrella was still pretty large and heavy compared to my tiny japanese foldable brolly.

However today on my way to work some of my thoughts have changed. Firstly it was raining heavily with some rain meaning my little umbrella was quite useless at keeping me dry. Furthermore because I hold my umbrella in front of me as I walk (like every other human on earth I believe) my back gets wet from the rain drops that fall off the back of the umbrella. In fact I got quite wet. Suddenly having an umbrella that sticks out more to the back made complete sense.

The videos on the site are pretty funny too as they show people enduring insane wind tunnel tests with their umbrellas. Good fun.

In fact I’d like to give it a go myself and probably would if they didn’t cost $55 here in Singapore. Gah.


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