7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI (Part 1) — Medium

7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI (Part 1) — Medium:

This article is not theory. This article is pure application. You won’t see anything about golden ratios. I don’t even mention color theory. Only what I’ve learned from being bad and then deliberately practicing.
Think of it this way: Judo was developed based on centuries of Japanese martial and philosophical traditions. You take judo lessons, and in addition to fighting, you’ll hear a lot about energy and flow and harmony. That sort of stuff.
Krav Maga, on the other hand, was invented by some tough Jews who were fighting Nazis in the streets of 1930s Czechoslovakia. There is no art to it. In Krav Maga lessons, you learn how to stab someone’s eye with a pen and book it.
This is the Krav Maga of screens.

Website design is far more in vogue now than actual graphic design but I believe that a lot of the principles are similar (if not the same). OK I’d probably be considered an uneducated troglodyte for making such an assumption but oh well.

Even architects have to care about layout and graphics now and then.

What this post does well is outline in simple and clear language how certain strategies help to make an interface clearer to understand. Some of it is common sense but the author does a good job of explaining why it makes a difference.

Part 2 is over here.


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