Voyage to Nowhere: The Amazon Kindle Story — CGP Grey

Voyage to Nowhere: The Amazon Kindle Story — CGP Grey:

When Amazon announced the Kindle Voyage, it filled me with hope. Lighter? Yes please. Higher resolution? Why not? Magnesium case? Sounds great. Page-turning buttons? Huzzah! Amazon cares about Kindle again! Instant pre-order.

But when the Kindle Voyage arrived, hope turned to despair. Not just for the future of Kindle, but for the future of Amazon itself.

An informed, well reasoned but overall brutal review.

I don’t own a Kindle but have seen many in the ‘wild’ here in Singapore. Most people are delighted by how light they are or how easy it is to read on the e-ink display under sunlight (a big problem over here).

But judging them on their own as devices meant to be targeted at readers I can see why they fall short. Amazon wants to position themselves as a device company but doesn’t seem to have the chops to do it properly. Unfortunately when it comes to e-book readers the Kindle is probably the reigning champ which may give Amazon an inflated sense of how lousy their devices really are.

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