The Truth About Your Smile | The Hairpin

The Truth About Your Smile | The Hairpin:

Our mouths are pretty complicated, and there isn’t one miracle product that solves all the problems (and this make sense, because that’s also true for hair, diet, and skin). The good news is it’s easy to maintain a fresh breathe, white teeth, and other forms of smile-related world domination—but you have to know the rules.

Out of all the articles that I read online very few actually cause me to pause and make changes to the way I live my life. This article about how to care for teeth is one that has made me rethink oral hygiene.

One of the most horrible experiences of my childhood was having braces installed on my teeth. Every time I went for a tightening it hurt for days and so much food would get stuck in the metal bits that I’d cut my tongue trying to pick them out. To this day it rates alongside O’Level examinations and Chinese tuition as some of the worst things ever that happened to me as a teenager.

What wasn’t explained or understood at the time was that to make my teeth less crooked I would have to extract 4 of my pre-molars to make space. But according to the dentist I wasn’t born with ‘wisdom teeth’ which puzzles me as to why I needed MORE space at all.

Anyway I’m left now with 24 teeth (4 more than a child) and that makes each of my teeth that much more precious to me now. Each tooth I lose is a 4.16% loss compared to 3.12%. All the more reason to take good care of them.

I envy the shark which has an endless supply of teeth ready to pop up to replace any that fall out.


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