Inside Steve Jobs’ Mind-Blowing Pixar Campus

Inside Steve Jobs’ Mind-Blowing Pixar Campus:

This article is a little old but it’s worth a revisit. In fact everything about Pixar the company, the people, the process and the campus fascinates me.

“Originally we were going to build four buildings, around a piazza,” Payne says. “Steve thought about that — and he decided that he wanted everybody under one roof, and also he didn’t want it more than two stories, so it became a very big building. Steve’s always had the philosophy of bringing people together in one central space.”

That became what is known at Pixar simply as “the Atrium,” an enormous two-story cathedral-like space that greets employees and visitors alike as they enter the main doors. Along with life-size versions of the Monsters duo Mike Wazowski and James “Sulley” Sullivan, and a display case for Pixar’s multiple Oscars, Golden Globes, and Annie Awards, the Atrium is always decorated each year to reflect whatever Pixar feature is coming out.

Sounds like an amazing place to work at.


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