I was really looking forward to Tomorrowland but seems like the reviews aren’t very good. Jackson Cuidon, writing at Christianity Today, isn’t so hot on it either:

So what’s the problem? In short, there’s way too much.

In long, there is way way way too much that happens in this movie, most of it not contributing toward the overall tone and mission of the film. It’s a pernicious kind of self-indulgence that’s endemic to most blockbuster movies today; studios seem to think that every movie has to be a journey from set-piece to set-piece, with as little downtime as possible in between.

Tomorrowland feels aggressively overstuffed—not that there are too many plot points, but that too much time is spent on stuff that we don’t care about. An initial jetpack sequence isn’t any more entertaining than the flying sequence from How To Train Your Dragon (the current gold standard of animated flight scenes), and it goes on for a watch-checkingly long time before just kind of sputtering to a halt.

Sounds endemic of all Hollywood movies these days. I just watched Avengers 2 last week and came out feeling exactly the same way. Thin plot and too much going on…

It’s sad that some of Brad Bird’s earlier work takes a very simple concept (e.g. Iron Giant) but expands that to a memorable story with good character development; the very opposite of most films these days.


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