Singapore’s Postal Service Reinvents Itself for the Digital Age

Singapore’s Postal Service Reinvents Itself for the Digital Age:

I had no idea how much the Singapore Post System has been evolving until I stumbled upon this article in the New York Times.

Alexnadra Stevenson writes:

“There are at least two business trends unfolding before us. One is the death of mail,” said Frank Lavin, chief executive of the e-commerce consultancy Export Now. “The second is this boom in e-commerce.”

SingPost’s makeover is among the most ambitious. Besides its regular postal duties, it offers a basket of services for companies, including website development, online marketing, customer service and, of course, package delivery. Following the Amazon model, it is building a network of 24 warehouses in 12 countries to stockpile goods for companies. The e-commerce team is staffed with former Silicon Valley executives.

Singapore’s central location, said Mr. Baier, makes it a natural hub for e-commerce in Asia. He recited numbers to demonstrate the scale of the opportunity: Over 600 million consumers live in the region around Singapore, and 2.2 billion people are within a five-hour flight.

The rest of the article is illuminating in a “I had absolutely no clue what was going on but now my mind is blown” kind of way. Clearly if true (and it must be) that would make the Singapore Post one of the most revolutionary companies in Singapore right now.

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