How Tesla Will Change The World

How Tesla Will Change The World | Wait But Why:

Running at 25,800 words which is roughly 82 pages, this is one monster of an article about Tesla.

Tim Urban of Wait But Why really digs deep into the problem of petrol cars, why this has long term consquences for our environment (and future) and how Tesla is solving these problems.

I can’t say I’m a fan of Electric Vehicles (EV) with one of my recent rides in the company EV ending with me stranded on the Central Expressway waiting to be towed. There was a battery fault which just couldn’t be explained. Prior to this one incident I’d been impressed by how quiet, smooth and quick at accelerating the car was. Still I wouldn’t want to be caught in an EV in a jam and I know this will be the case for most people in Asia where cities are snarled in traffic congestion.

But Tim puts forth a really compelling argument for EVs as our future and why we should support them now rather than later.

Singapore can do well to invest more in EVs as they are clean, have fewer moving parts (hence less maintenance) are ideal for compact driving environments and cut our reliance on petrol which is all imported from overseas. Our electric supply also comes mostly from the burning of Natural Gas (78%) making charging the car greener than using a combustion engine.

All the 3 challenges faced by EVs have to be dealt with decidedly before they become mainstream:

  1. Range
  2. More refilling stations
  3. Cost

Once those are dealt with I can totally imagine an all electic future.


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