The Deal With Solar | Wait But Why

The Deal With Solar | Wait But Why:

The wait by why team tackles the issue of renewable energy in a short write up. Needless to say solar comes up tops thanks to the boundless supply of the sun.

But solar isn’t a solution for all countries. In Singapore and contrary to popular belief we aren’t the ideal location for solar energy collection. That’s because about half the time our skies are overcast with rain clouds because, you know, the tropics.

I spoke to a solar panel supplier once and I seem to recall that the best estimate they could give was that we get good sunshine about 40% of the time. This of course depends on your area and whether you’re overshadowed by some high rise development nearby (not uncommon in Singapore).

Deserts are the ideal location for solar panels. Tons of clear open sky and dazzling light and nary a hint of shade any where.

I now honestly believe that nuclear power might be the way to go for Singapore. Done right it’s clean, efficient, does not emit carbon to the environment and we don’t experience natural disasters, like earthquakes, that might cause failures. But given our proximity to Malaysia and Indonesia and with the Fukushima incident still fresh in people’s minds I don’t think this would ever become a reality at least not in the near future.


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