Ridiculously expensive Japanese fruit

Whenever we go to Liang Court in Singapore we’re sure to pay a visit to the supermarket Meidi-Ya in the basement. It’s a Japanese supermarket and some of the stuff they sell you can’t find in Singapore. 

One of those things are an assortment of fruit that is just ridiculously expensive. Like WAY more expensive than any other fruit I’ve ever seen. 

Check out the price of this melon: 

now that’s some melon

Or these grapes:  
I do love japanese grapes just not THAT much
And there are others as well. These just happened to catch my eye. Most boxes of grape sell for about 5 dollars at the most in Fairprice so these are about 20x the price. 

But do they have 20x the flavor and value now? 

Perhaps there’s something really special about these Japanese fruit that we don’t know about. Given the price this is a question I’m highly unlikely to answer. Though it does make me extremely curious. They’d make excellent house warming gifts or wedding presents is suppose. Still I’d rather have a $100 voucher than a box of fruits any day. 

The presence of this pricey fruit implies that there have to be people who are buying them.  Doesn’t make sense to fly a bunch of grapes from Kyoto to Singapore just to decorate a shelf right?  And what happens if it goes bad? (At $100 a melon maybe it never goes bad…) Would they throw it out like the rest of the common fruit. Or does it go into a $1000 garbage bin? 

If they ever stick a ‘quick sale’ sticker on them I’ve never seen it. But even at 80% off that’s still a $20 melon and bunch of grapes. Still way out of my budget. 

My verdict: Japanese people are cool but weird and just really love their fruit. 

Does anyone happen to know more about this fruity con job?


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