God’s Surprising Plans for Your Good

God’s Surprising Plans for Your Good:

Ben Stuart writing at Desiring God:

In the same way, I think we would accuse God of being insane if we heard him respond to our cries for greater intimacy with our spouse, greater fruit in our ministries, or greater intimacy with him, by saying, “You want more life? I’ll tell you what will give it: a medical emergency. Or losing your job. Or a car accident.” We would think he’s out of his mind.

But search your past and tell me if it isn’t true: Often the introduction of something difficult, and even dangerous, into our lives by the hand of God results in unanticipated, yet undeniable growth. Difficulty brings blessing. Hardship brings joy.

Hard words for anyone to read if they’ve ever experienced any form of hardship. The important thing is to trust God that He’s in control and knows what He’s doing.

I’ve heard it said before: God cares more for our salvation than our physical comfort. If He needs to throw in some discomfort in order to save someone then perhaps it is justified in the long run.

But I don’t say that lightly. Being in the midst of suffering and seeing no end to it is a terrible experience and I wish it on no one.


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